Escorts Gold Coast -10 More Common Escort Slang

A few weeks ago, we listed some of the most common abbreviations used by Escort Gold Coast. However, there are many more even more popular abbreviations and slang that we didn’t include in the last article. So this week, we are counting 15 more common abbreviations used by Escort Gold Coast.


We covered BJ in the last article, which in case you missed it it means Blow Job (Sexual term for fellatio (Oral Sex)). BBBJ on the other hand means Bare Back Blow Job. Escorts use this in reference to oral sex being performed without a condom.

2. Roleplay

This is used when you and / or the escort assume the role of the costume or outfit you are wearing during sexual activity. Popular costumes include maid, nurse, schoolgirl etc.

3. CD

This is an acronym that means ‘Cross-Dressing’. This refers to a man who receives sexual satisfaction when dressing as the opposite sex. This term is not exclusive to the escorting world or the bedroom, but in this instance the acronym ‘CD’ is most commonly used in these places.4. Greek

Escort Gold Coast have a tendency to name sexual acts after places in the world. French, Brazilian, Italian (see next point) and Greek can all be used in reference to this, but all mean different things. Most simply put, Greek means anal sex. 

5. Italian

Here we go again with people naming sex acts after places. To give an ‘Italian’ one must rub the length of his penis against the buttocks of an Escort Gold Coast. 

6. Punter

This is another term that is not at all exclusive to Escorts. A ‘Punter’ is essentially slang for a client. In this instance Punter means a client of an escort. 

7. Gagging

This slang term kind of has a double meaning. One way in which the term ‘Gagging’ is used is when a man receives gratification when an escort is choking (or gags) on a mans erect penis. Another way in which the term can be used is in reference to BDSM (Bondage, Domination Sadomasochism) when someone is ‘gagged’. 

8. Strip Tease

Strip Tease is used in reference to an erotic dance performed by the Escort for her client while she slowly undresses teasingly.  

9. Mutual French (69)

Most commonly referred to as 69, is when both the client and the escort perform oral sex on eachother at the same time. The term ‘Mutual French’ has mostly fallen out of fashion in favour of the far more popular term, 69.

10. Golden Shower

This term has multiple meanings and multiple terms. Down to its fundamentals, A Golden Shower is either when A client urinates on an escort, or when a client watches an escort urinate. Other terms that mean the same thing include GS and ‘Water Sports’.

5 Health Benefits of Sex

Very few people need an excuse to have sex. It has been shown to not only be pleasurable, but also great for you. But, just in case you need a few reasons, here are 5 Health Benefits of Sex.

1. It’s Essentially Exercise

You’ve probably heard this one before because it’s just common sense. At the end of the day, sex is a physical activity which works various muscles groups and elevates your heart rate. Many researchers have looked into how intensive exactly sex is on the body, and in turn how effective it is as an exercise. Many of their studies place Sex as about as intensive as jogging, but others place it much higher than that. Even if there is conflicting evidence, maybe it’s best not to skip the gym…

2. Boosts Immune System

As it turns out, more sex means less time being sick. Researchers have found that people with active sex lives get sick less frequently. This is because sex causes the body to produce more antibodies, which are the bodies defense mechanism against any germs, bacteria, or virus that enters the system. The exact protein that’s production is being boosted is known as immunoglobulin A (IgA) and it’s production can increase up to 30% during sex! 

Although, as you will find with many things on this list, sex isnt the catalyst to never getting sick. Healthy diet, exercise and hygiene will be more important than sex… well when it comes to not being sick.

3. Stress Relief

Yet again, it’s probably no surprise to hear that sex is a great stress reliever. Some may say it is the ultimate stress reliever. Many factors come into play as to why this is, such as it lowers blood pressure and it releases an assortment of ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain. These chemicals include dopamine (happy chemical) oxytocin (love, bonding chemical).

4. Decreases pain 

Sex (or just sexual stimulation, including masturbation) can have profound effects on the way you feel pain. Sexual Stimulation has been shown to increase pain threshold and decrease pain feeling. This is because sexual activity releases chemicals in the brain that dampen pain signals.

5. Live Longer

As it turns out, the secret to a long life is a active sex life. Multiple studies have shown this, but one in particular studied 1000 middle aged males for 10 years and found those who had frequent orgasms had half the death rate of those who did not! Although the secret to long life doesn’t end with sex, buts its a fun way to start.

Where to take you Gold Coast Escort for Dinner

A Dinner Date is one of the most common dates to take your Gold Coast Escort. It’s perfect for those seeking not just private time, but an emotional connection. Connecting with your escort over a meal at a nice restaurant is a sure fire way to have a memorable evening. 

It’s convenient that the Gold Coast is known for having amazing restaraunts! In this article we will show you 4 restaurants that are perfect for Escort dinner dates.

Social Eating House, Broadbeach

One of the most talked about establishments in all of broadbeach! Not only do they supply a perfect, well rounded European cuisine, it also doubles as an amazing bar! Well trained and passionate mixologists are available around the clock that are prepared to make you and your date the best alcoholic drink you’ve ever had, and tell you about it too.

They are also known for their splendid dessert choices, this is definitely not the restaurant for a quick visit!

Kiyomi, Broadbeach

If Japanese cuisine is more your style, nothing will beat Kiyomi! Led by a very celebrated chef named Chase Kijoma, the meals are works of art disguised as food. The menu is as extensive as it is adventurous, everything from traditional sushi to seard scampi with foie gras. Complete with tons of ambience and atmosphere, expertly dimly lit with plenty of candle light to go around.

The North Room, Mermaid Beach 

The North Room is well known for being a great place for date night. Located in Mermaid Beach, it is run by husband and wife duo Tim Stewart and Sharron Stewart. A very stylish establishment, with a very creative and modern menu, created with all local produce . This would be a great place to take you Gold Coast Escort.

Iku Yakitori, Burleigh Heads

Exceptionally well hidden, one may think that they stumbled across a hidden gem if they found it while walking around Burleigh Heads. But once you’re there, you’ll find yourself in one the coolest bars in town! 

Known for their incredible Whiskey Bar, and their interesting take on the menu system. Ordering your meal is not really the go here, since they prepare a brand new menu every week! The best you can do is leave your meal up to them, then the only thing left to do is you and your Gold Coast Escort bask in the incredible flavours and experiences only Iku Yakitori can offer.

Common Escort Abbreviations

When you’re searching through escort profile pages and scroll to see their services, chances are you see the same abbreviations time and time again. This is because overtime Escorts and their clientele have established their own lingo when referring to escort services. Below are the most common abbreviations used by Escorts.


ATM = Acronym for Ass To Mouth. Typically used in reference to Anal Sex immediately proceeding Oral Sex.

BJ = Acronym for Blow Job. Sexual term for fellatio (Oral Sex)

BLS = Acronym for Balls licking & sucking

BDSM = Acronym for Bondage, Domination Sadomasochism

Bondage =  A sexual practice in which one partner is restrained by using ropes and other bondage equipment. 

Brazilian = A Brazilian is a kind of bikini wax in which all hair in the pubic region is removed.

CBT = Acronym for Cock & Ball Torture. Usually used in reference with BDSM.

CIM = Cum in Mouth. The act of ejaculating into the mouth.

Other forms of this are CIMWS (Cum in mouth with swallow), COB (Cum on Back), COF (Cum on Face).

Doggy Style = A sexual position in which a man penetrates a woman from behind.

Fisting = Fisting is a sexual activity in which a whole hand is inserted into the vagina or anus.

FK = Acronym for French Kissing.

GFE = Acronym for Girlfriend Experience. A form of Escort service where she acts like your romantic partner. Usually entails a more passionate and intimate experience. The GFE varies from escort to escort.

Happy Ending = A Hand Job after receiving a massage.

Italian = A term for sliding a penis between the buttocks.

MILF = Acronym for Mother I’d Like To Fuck. Refers to mature aged women who are attractive.

MFF = Acronym for Male Female Female. A Threesome between 2 females and a male.

MMF = Acronym for Male Male Female. A threesome between 2 males and a female

PSE: Acronym for Pornstar Experience. A form of escort service that looks to emulate what is displayed in Porn. 

Roleplay = Assuming roles of characters during sexual encounters.

You must know this when hiring a Gold Coast Escort

There are many reasons one may have to hire a Gold Coast Escort. Whether that be they want someone new to spend time with, hang out or just to have some fun. Either way, it’s good to know what is expected of you and what to expect. 

Here are a few things you would want to know before hiring a Gold Coast Escort. 

What are you looking for in your Gold Coast Escort?

Before contacting anyone, you must first figure out exactly what it is you want. Do you want someone to accompany you to an event? Or are you looking for something more exciting? This is important to figure out first as different Escorts provide different services (at different prices). Once you have established what exactly it is you’re after, you’re ready to move on to the next step.


Once you know what you want, You now must contact the Escort of your choice and ask them what services they provide. It’s important to recognise that not all escorts provide the same services. For example, some Escorts only provide non-sexual evenings that are primarily focused on genuine connections, while others are focused on sexually pleasing their clients. 

Be A Good Host

If the escort is doing an outcall (coming to your house) remember that she is a guest in your home, and you should treat her as such. Offer a beverage, whether that be water, wine etc. Give her a bit of time to relax in your home.

(If you’re offering alcohol, make sure it is okay with your escort beforehand).

Payment Options

Before meeting, you must first find out how your Gold Coast Escort prefers to receive payment. This varies from person to person, some people only accept cash, while others only accept bank payment. 

Regular or New?

Whether you’re a regular or a new client of an escort, they will treat you differently. Keep in mind that if you intend on becoming a regular, it takes time to build up trust in new clients. You could try paying more than she asks for to build up trust faster. Don’t try to negotiate services or prices if you’re new, this is seen as a major red flag.

Gold Coast Escorts won’t tell you these things

One of the key aspects of spending a lot of time with an escort is to not pry into her personal life. Even if you feel as if you have gotten to her very well, you must respect her boundaries and never ask her these things we listed below:

Her Personal Relationship

Asking an Escort her relationship status is a huge red flag for many high-class Escorts. It is considered very rude to ask if she is married, dating, a mother etc. First ask yourself, “why do i want to know?” or “would she find this invasive?” It would be best if you just do what you came for and leave this line of questioning out of the picture. 

Her Education

It’s not uncommon for Escorts to be very intelligent, as many of them have graduated from top universities and schools, but the likelihood of you learning that is basically zero. It’s also not uncommon for them to play down their smarts for you to appear to be the more intelligent one.

Her other Clients

This question and all other questions relating to other clients of theirs should be avoided . Not only is this line of questioning considered rude and a little invasive, it’s also disrespecting the privacy of her other clients. Gold Coast Escorts value the privacy of their clientele, so it’s best to avoid this question.

Her Personal Life

Escorts are not ones to divulge basically any information about her personal life. Most Gold Coast Escorts chose an alias in an effort to maintain privacy. A good Escort will never give any information that would lead back to her. The golden rule is to respect their boundaries and not pushing too hard for information they don’t want to reveal.


If you’re interested in an intimate experience for yourself, don’t hesitate to look at our selection of stunning Gold Coast Escorts.

Choose the best gifts to give your Gold Coast Escort

An Escorts job is to ensure that you both enjoy your time together. And they are amazing at what they do. Connecting to their clients, sharing sensual moments and flirty jokes and comments, to unforgettable experiences in a hotel room is all in a days work for an Escort. And it’s safe to say we can never truly thank them enough.
A great way to show appreciation and reward your Gold Coast Escort is by bring them a well though out gift! It’s very important we emphasise ‘well thought out’ , you’d surely hate if your Escort didn’t enjoy the gift you gave her! To spare both of you of any awkwardness, We’ve laid out a few important points to remember when getting your Escort a Gift.

Ask them where they stand on gifts

It always never hurts to ask. A fact of life is that not everyone is comfortable with gift giving. This could be for many reasons, it could be that they will not be able to take it with them for privacy reasons, or even something as simple as allergies for food and drink. Even though you will not have the surprise factor, you definitely do not want to be left giving a gift she can not enjoy. Another way to bypass this entirely leads into our next point:

Check their profile/page

Here at Escorts Gold Coast, we try to make it as easy as possible to gather at first glance who your chosen escort is, and what they like. On the escorts profile pages, there is section of things they love, and there is no better gift you can give that is not listed there! Even though you’re eliminating the surprise factor, at least you will give your chosen escort exactly what she likes!

Make sure your gift doesn’t have any hidden expectations

Gifting Sex Toys, for example can be taken the wrong way if not properly discussed first. If you do this, it gives off the implication of “this is not a gift, this is a request”. If you were hoping to experiment with a sort of toy, make sure to ask before bring it as a gift.
Another side to this point is Don’t give a gift and expect special treatment, as this is not the point of gift giving. You most likely won’t get it.


While with your escort, make sure to pay attention to your conversations. You are bound to talk about things you both like during your time together, so use this time and information to figure what she will love and what she wont!

Keep it Simple

If all else fails, a nice bottle of wine or some beautiful flowers sure do go a long way!
In conclusion, as long as you put in the time to figure out what your escort likes, and your gifts don’t come with expectations, you can’t fail at gift giving.

7 Things you should not ask your Escort

When You’re with Gold Coast Escorts, it’s absolutely essential to practice proper etiquette and general politeness. It is important to remember that even though you’re hiring an escort,  so there is no need to impress her or maintain a personal relationship, to still treat her with the same respect as any one else.
That being said, there are plenty of  things that you just should not say to escorts, not just the 7 we will list here, but here is a what we feel are the most important things to remember.

1. “Do I need to take a shower?”

Some Escorts may ask you to have a shower before the service starts, and its really important to not question her request, even if you had one before you left. This is for the simple fact that just as your health and safety is your first concern, their health and safety is theirs. So it is best if you just respect her decision.

2. “How many clients a day do you see?”

This question and all other questions relating to other clients of theirs should be avoided . Not only is this line of questioning considered rude and a little invasive, its also disrespecting the privacy of her other clients.

3. “The Escort I was with last did it this way, can we…?”

Just a general rule for life: No one wants to hear what you’ve done in bed with other women completely unprompted, and this goes double for Escorts and ESPECIALLY when it’s said to indirectly criticize her services. If you want to try a particular position or act, try just suggesting it, not hiding the request in that way. Good communication is key.

4. “Are you dating anyone?”

Here is another question that is too deeply personal to ask any Escort… The bottom line is many Gold Coast Escorts are in romantic relationships, many are not, but it really is not your place to ask. It is crucial you understand that escorts usually want to keep their personal and professional lives separate.

5. “Can I get a discount?”

When you hire an escort, you are agreeing to pay the price listed on her profile/website.  Even if you’re a regular, or if you paid less with someone else doesn’t entitle you to be charged less.

6. “Can I take you on a date?”

Some clients find it hard to understand that escorts are providing a professional service. Their job is to ensure that you both have a great time together, and Escorts are really talented in that area, but sex work is still work, and most want to keep the work and personal life separate.

7. “what’s your real name?”

This question is a big red flag to many Escorts. Most Gold Coast Escorts chose an alias in an effort to maintain privacy. The golden rule is to respect their boundaries and not pushing too hard for information they don’t want to reveal.
In conclusion, most Escorts won’t be offended to questions you might ask, as long as keep your relationship with them polite, respectful and professional.
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