Choose the best gifts to give your Gold Coast Escort

An Escorts job is to ensure that you both enjoy your time together. And they are amazing at what they do. Connecting to their clients, sharing sensual moments and flirty jokes and comments, to unforgettable experiences in a hotel room is all in a days work for an Escort. And it’s safe to say we can never truly thank them enough.
A great way to show appreciation and reward your Gold Coast Escort is by bring them a well though out gift! It’s very important we emphasise ‘well thought out’ , you’d surely hate if your Escort didn’t enjoy the gift you gave her! To spare both of you of any awkwardness, We’ve laid out a few important points to remember when getting your Escort a Gift.

Ask them where they stand on gifts

It always never hurts to ask. A fact of life is that not everyone is comfortable with gift giving. This could be for many reasons, it could be that they will not be able to take it with them for privacy reasons, or even something as simple as allergies for food and drink. Even though you will not have the surprise factor, you definitely do not want to be left giving a gift she can not enjoy. Another way to bypass this entirely leads into our next point:

Check their profile/page

Here at Escorts Gold Coast, we try to make it as easy as possible to gather at first glance who your chosen escort is, and what they like. On the escorts profile pages, there is section of things they love, and there is no better gift you can give that is not listed there! Even though you’re eliminating the surprise factor, at least you will give your chosen escort exactly what she likes!

Make sure your gift doesn’t have any hidden expectations

Gifting Sex Toys, for example can be taken the wrong way if not properly discussed first. If you do this, it gives off the implication of “this is not a gift, this is a request”. If you were hoping to experiment with a sort of toy, make sure to ask before bring it as a gift.
Another side to this point is Don’t give a gift and expect special treatment, as this is not the point of gift giving. You most likely won’t get it.


While with your escort, make sure to pay attention to your conversations. You are bound to talk about things you both like during your time together, so use this time and information to figure what she will love and what she wont!

Keep it Simple

If all else fails, a nice bottle of wine or some beautiful flowers sure do go a long way!
In conclusion, as long as you put in the time to figure out what your escort likes, and your gifts don’t come with expectations, you can’t fail at gift giving.
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