You must know this when hiring a Gold Coast Escort

There are many reasons one may have to hire a Gold Coast Escort. Whether that be they want someone new to spend time with, hang out or just to have some fun. Either way, it’s good to know what is expected of you and what to expect. 

Here are a few things you would want to know before hiring a Gold Coast Escort. 

What are you looking for in your Gold Coast Escort?

Before contacting anyone, you must first figure out exactly what it is you want. Do you want someone to accompany you to an event? Or are you looking for something more exciting? This is important to figure out first as different Escorts provide different services (at different prices). Once you have established what exactly it is you’re after, you’re ready to move on to the next step.


Once you know what you want, You now must contact the Escort of your choice and ask them what services they provide. It’s important to recognise that not all escorts provide the same services. For example, some Escorts only provide non-sexual evenings that are primarily focused on genuine connections, while others are focused on sexually pleasing their clients. 

Be A Good Host

If the escort is doing an outcall (coming to your house) remember that she is a guest in your home, and you should treat her as such. Offer a beverage, whether that be water, wine etc. Give her a bit of time to relax in your home.

(If you’re offering alcohol, make sure it is okay with your escort beforehand).

Payment Options

Before meeting, you must first find out how your Gold Coast Escort prefers to receive payment. This varies from person to person, some people only accept cash, while others only accept bank payment. 

Regular or New?

Whether you’re a regular or a new client of an escort, they will treat you differently. Keep in mind that if you intend on becoming a regular, it takes time to build up trust in new clients. You could try paying more than she asks for to build up trust faster. Don’t try to negotiate services or prices if you’re new, this is seen as a major red flag.

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