Gold Coast Escorts won’t tell you these things

One of the key aspects of spending a lot of time with an escort is to not pry into her personal life. Even if you feel as if you have gotten to her very well, you must respect her boundaries and never ask her these things we listed below:

Her Personal Relationship

Asking an Escort her relationship status is a huge red flag for many high-class Escorts. It is considered very rude to ask if she is married, dating, a mother etc. First ask yourself, “why do i want to know?” or “would she find this invasive?” It would be best if you just do what you came for and leave this line of questioning out of the picture. 

Her Education

It’s not uncommon for Escorts to be very intelligent, as many of them have graduated from top universities and schools, but the likelihood of you learning that is basically zero. It’s also not uncommon for them to play down their smarts for you to appear to be the more intelligent one.

Her other Clients

This question and all other questions relating to other clients of theirs should be avoided . Not only is this line of questioning considered rude and a little invasive, it’s also disrespecting the privacy of her other clients. Gold Coast Escorts value the privacy of their clientele, so it’s best to avoid this question.

Her Personal Life

Escorts are not ones to divulge basically any information about her personal life. Most Gold Coast Escorts chose an alias in an effort to maintain privacy. A good Escort will never give any information that would lead back to her. The golden rule is to respect their boundaries and not pushing too hard for information they don’t want to reveal.


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