7 Things you should not ask your Escort

When You’re with Gold Coast Escorts, it’s absolutely essential to practice proper etiquette and general politeness. It is important to remember that even though you’re hiring an escort,  so there is no need to impress her or maintain a personal relationship, to still treat her with the same respect as any one else.
That being said, there are plenty of  things that you just should not say to escorts, not just the 7 we will list here, but here is a what we feel are the most important things to remember.

1. “Do I need to take a shower?”

Some Escorts may ask you to have a shower before the service starts, and its really important to not question her request, even if you had one before you left. This is for the simple fact that just as your health and safety is your first concern, their health and safety is theirs. So it is best if you just respect her decision.

2. “How many clients a day do you see?”

This question and all other questions relating to other clients of theirs should be avoided . Not only is this line of questioning considered rude and a little invasive, its also disrespecting the privacy of her other clients.

3. “The Escort I was with last did it this way, can we…?”

Just a general rule for life: No one wants to hear what you’ve done in bed with other women completely unprompted, and this goes double for Escorts and ESPECIALLY when it’s said to indirectly criticize her services. If you want to try a particular position or act, try just suggesting it, not hiding the request in that way. Good communication is key.

4. “Are you dating anyone?”

Here is another question that is too deeply personal to ask any Escort… The bottom line is many Gold Coast Escorts are in romantic relationships, many are not, but it really is not your place to ask. It is crucial you understand that escorts usually want to keep their personal and professional lives separate.

5. “Can I get a discount?”

When you hire an escort, you are agreeing to pay the price listed on her profile/website.  Even if you’re a regular, or if you paid less with someone else doesn’t entitle you to be charged less.

6. “Can I take you on a date?”

Some clients find it hard to understand that escorts are providing a professional service. Their job is to ensure that you both have a great time together, and Escorts are really talented in that area, but sex work is still work, and most want to keep the work and personal life separate.

7. “what’s your real name?”

This question is a big red flag to many Escorts. Most Gold Coast Escorts chose an alias in an effort to maintain privacy. The golden rule is to respect their boundaries and not pushing too hard for information they don’t want to reveal.
In conclusion, most Escorts won’t be offended to questions you might ask, as long as keep your relationship with them polite, respectful and professional.
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