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Escorts Gold Coast -10 More Common Escort Slang

A few weeks ago, we listed some of the most common abbreviations used by Escort Gold Coast. However, there are many more even more popular abbreviations and slang that we didn’t include in the last article. So this week, we are counting 15 more common abbreviations used by Escort Gold Coast. 1. BBBJ We covered […]

5 Health Benefits of Sex

Very few people need an excuse to have sex. It has been shown to not only be pleasurable, but also great for you. But, just in case you need a few reasons, here are 5 Health Benefits of Sex. 1. It’s Essentially Exercise You’ve probably heard this one before because it’s just common sense. At […]

Where to take you Gold Coast Escort for Dinner

A Dinner Date is one of the most common dates to take your Gold Coast Escort. It’s perfect for those seeking not just private time, but an emotional connection. Connecting with your escort over a meal at a nice restaurant is a sure fire way to have a memorable evening.  It’s convenient that the Gold […]

Common Escort Abbreviations

When you’re searching through escort profile pages and scroll to see their services, chances are you see the same abbreviations time and time again. This is because overtime Escorts and their clientele have established their own lingo when referring to escort services. Below are the most common abbreviations used by Escorts.   ATM = Acronym […]

You must know this when hiring a Gold Coast Escort

There are many reasons one may have to hire a Gold Coast Escort. Whether that be they want someone new to spend time with, hang out or just to have some fun. Either way, it’s good to know what is expected of you and what to expect.  Here are a few things you would want […]

Gold Coast Escorts won’t tell you these things

One of the key aspects of spending a lot of time with an escort is to not pry into her personal life. Even if you feel as if you have gotten to her very well, you must respect her boundaries and never ask her these things we listed below: Her Personal Relationship Asking an Escort […]